Urban Castle Kawauchi

Urban Castle Kawauchi

What's urban Castle?


Here in Urban Castle Kawauchi, there are a lot of foreign students from many countries around the world, gathered and live together as friend and family.
Every students who live in Urban Castle Kawauchi are very friendly, and they always having lot of communications and fun everyday at the lounge, dining room, and other places in the dorm.The daily dormitory's life is not only the place to learn communication capabilities nor how to live in society, but also the best place to know and experience many different cultures from countries around the world

Moreover, there are 128 rooms setted as private rooms, so that everyone can have their own time and privacy. We also setted some surveillance camera, and the official/managerial person are always standby for 24hours, so that every students can live in safety and peace.

Dormitory Rules

We made some rules of the dormitory, for there are many students from different countries with different cultures, to live together in Urban Castle Kawauchi in peace and harmony.
If you're planning to enter the dorm, or for you who already in contract, please read the rules

Dormitory's Admission Guide

If you're planning to enter the dorm, please read the Dormitory's Admission Guide before sign-in your contract.
There is written about everything you need to enter the dorm, every documents and simple rules of signing in the contract.


We're having a lot of exciting events in Urban Castle Kawauchi!
Everybody together we're planning a lot of exciting events, and we're making sweet memories of brotherhood in dormitory's life!!

Welcome party

As the name, we had the "welcome party" to welcome new students.In our last party, there were students from 16 different countries who came to Japan, and we had a lot of communication and culture exchange. There were also a lot of exciting games such as "Introduce yourself in Japanese", "Quick-Eater Battle", "Bingo Games", and many more.
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