Life in Dormitory

Life Style

Here in Urban Castle Kawauchi, there are a lot of foreign students from many countries around the world, gathered and live together as friend and family.
Every students who live in Urban Castle Kawauchi are very friendly, and they always having lot of communications and fun everyday at the lounge, dining room, and other places in the dorm.
The daily dormitory's life is not only the place to learn communication capabilities nor how to live in society, but also the best place to know and experience many different cultures from countries around the world.

Safe and Peaceful

There are 7 surveillance cameras setted, so every students may live peacefully.
We always have all places in the dorm to be cleaned everyday, and we do keep high standard of hygiene and sanitary, especially at places for common use.


Here in Urban Castle Kawauchi, we have a lot of fun and exciting events to carry out!
As a newly-established dormitory, let's everybody together make plans and carry them out!

Welcome party

As the name, we had the "welcome party" to welcome new students.In our last party, there were students from 16 different countries who came to Japan, and we had a lot of communication and culture exchange.There were also a lot of exciting games such as "Introduce yourself in Japanese", "Quick-Eater Battle", "Bingo Games", and many more.

New Spring!Rice-cake Festival!

In order to introduce Japanese traditional culture, we had a Rice-cake Festival at New Year.Together with the neighbourhood people, played along, ate the delicious Rice-cakes, and had a lot of enjoyable time.These kind of events could be the one and only experience in some students life.

Bean-scattering Ritual

One of the Japanese traditional culture introduction, for the Setsubun Day (the coming of spring celebration, Feb.3), we had a bean-scattering event in Feb.5.
Students played to be an ogre, and other students threw beans over the ogre. We also played games, and students also showed their countries' folksongs and folkdances.
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