The Inside of the Dorm

Layout of the Rooms

Equipments&Facilities in each rooms
:Closet Rack
:Storage Box
:Under-bed Small Storage Boxes (2)
:Shield Curtain
:Lace Curtain
:Air Conditioner
Equipments&Facilities for Common Use
:Built-in Kitchen Units
:Coin Laundry (Washing&Drying) Machines

Dorm Construction

Dormitory's Landscape

Urban Castle Kawauchi from outside view.
Car Parking Area is equipped!
The main front door
Shoes-boxes are also equipped.
Bulletin Board
We put every information and news for students here.
In-Out Plate
We need to know whether the students are home or not.
Here is the relaxation room for students.
Our proud lounge.
Free wifi is available.
Dining Room
Every students are free to cook their own meals or just buy and bring them home.
There is wifi spot.
There are built-in kitchen units inside the dining room.
Shower Room
We have the shower rooms cleaned everyday, so there are always clean and tidy.
Coin Laundry Machines
These are for everyone's/common use, so please keep clean and use carefully.
Bicycle Parking
Here are free parking area that every dorm students may use.May contain up to 150 bicycles.
Car Parking
Monthly charged parking area, may contain up to 25 cars.
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