Services in Dormitory

Internet Connection (Charged)

In Urban Castle Kawauchi, each rooms are equipped with LAN internet connection.If you'd like to use it, please come to the administration front desk.(Wired:charged monthly ¥3,066 Wireless:charged monthly ¥3,498)

Color-copy Machine (Coin-operated)

There is a coin-photocopy-machine, both black&white and color copy.Also available for reading and print-out from USB.

Drinks Vending Machine (Coin-operated)

Vending Machine is also equipped, feel free to use.

Coin Laundry Machines (Coin-operated)

Washing Machines and Drying Machines are also equipped, feel free to use.

Household Electronics (Free)

There are Free wifi spot, refrigerators, microwaves, and some other household electronics prepared for everyone's use.
Feel free to use.

Dormitory Fees System

The cost is the total display.

One room one person:monthly

Room rent ¥21,000
Other charge:   Common use water, light, heat:¥7,776/month
Administrative expenses:¥8,856/month
Room's electricity charge : each person's usage
When signing-in the contract, there's Admission Fee ¥30,000 (once)
*When you move in again within one year, you will be exempted from the admission fee.

Rental list:monthly

The rental articles and the system of the charge (monthly) are as follows.

Bedding ¥1,782 Comforter, sheet group, blanket, pillow, and sheet(Three kinds)
Sheets are addition three cleanings a month
Refrigerator ¥324 Amount of content 40L
TV antenna ¥216  
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